In Madeira, do you have a venomous snake or a tiger? Well, The chief of police would like to speak with you!

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Mandeiras new law mandates that anybody in the city with dangerous wild animals or venomous snakes should register them with the police chief.

Madeira City Council passed an ordinance that clarifies which animals are considered dangerous and wild. As well as which snakes are prohibited under Ohio law.


A household in Madeira possessed a state permit for 53 banned snakes. This prompted city officials to raise the problem early this year.

Then they discovered that when the Ohio Department of Agriculture provides licences for dangerous wild animals or prohibited snakes in their area, local officials are not required to be notified.

The state currently requires permit holders to give the county sheriff, chief law-enforcement officer, and fire chief of the city or township where the animal is held a plan on what they intend to do if an animal escapes.

Erik Vogel, the owner of the prohibited snakes in Madeira, claims he made plans with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department and the Madeira Fire Department.

Because the issue is unlikely to arise frequently, Madeira officials opted not to impose a punishment for breaking the new code.

Do you have a snake in Madeira? It’s a good idea to have antivenom on hand.

The city’s new law forces everyone in Madeira with deadly restricted snakes to have antivenom on standby. The reason is to immediately treat anyone bitten, even if they are merely passing through.

If a dangerous wild animal or prohibited snake escapes, the law compels the owner to contact the police chief.

They must work with the city to locate the animal and eliminate any potential danger to the public.

At a recent municipal council meeting, Madeira Police Chief Dave Schaefer stated that he visited Vogel’s home and found the snake area to be safe and sanitary.

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