Houghton Regis Tortoise, Dogs and Birds Rescued From Fire

On Monday afternoon, a small fire broke out in George the tortoise’s enclosure in Parkside, Houghton Regis. The Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service immediately arrived at the scene to avoid any severe damage.

George, the tortoise, along with six birds and two dogs were saved from the fire. Annie, Alice, two lovebirds, two cockatiels, and budgies were also rescued by the “amazing” and “great” firemen.

Rescued from fire
(Image source: Beds Fire and Rescue)

According to the house owner, Yasmin Hanis, George “knocked his heat lamp down and it set fire to his blankets.” Ms Hanis said her neighbor notified her of the little fire after hearing the smoke alarm. They smelled smoke, and then dialed 999.

Ms. Hanis went on to say that the only thing damaged was the bedding. She considered this the fault of the tortoise. “It was all down to the tortoise – it was his fault,” she added.

After an “angry-looking” tortoise ignited a fire in a house in Essex in 2019, firemen rescued it.

The 45-year-old reptile was home alone on Christmas Day in Great Dunmow when it knocked a heat lamp onto its bedding, according to the fire department. Officers from the fire department warned pet owners to make sure heat lights were not knocked over.

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