Here’s an African Cheetah and her Adorable Cubs!

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An African cheetah has been spotted with her adorable cubs. There are three of them and they have all turned one month old. This is taking place at the Toronto Zoo in Canada. The mother and her cubs are all reported to be in good health. Moreover, the zoo has recently shared pictures of the cubs. Don’t they just look adorable?

African cheetah cubs
(Image Source: Zooborns)

Furthermore, the cubs have to be fully vaccinated. However, the weather will also have to become warmer in the coming months so they can roam around more freely. Therefore, they are bonding with their mother indoors. Soon, they will be introduced to an outdoor environment as they grow up. The Toronto Zoo hopes they will be open to public view later this spring.


Zooborns confirms that the African cheetah cubs have received their first examination. Therefore, the cubs have been weighed. Two of them weigh 3.3 kg whereas one cub weighs 3.9kg. Moreover, their gender has been finally revealed. Two of the cubs are male whereas one is female.

Cheetahs are solitary big cats that are known to be vicious hunters. They are not only powerful, but they are lightning-fast as well. However, they are not as vicious as one might be led to believe. In fact, they are rather timid animals. It primarily hunts small prey. Furthermore, they rely on swift surprise attacks.

Cheetah cubs
(Image Source: Zooborns)

The African cheetah rules over the savannahs of Africa. As with all animals from this region, it is accustomed to a hot climate. There numbers are at their strongest in Southern and Eastern Africa. However, cheetahs are greatly endangered. Due to hunting, habitat loss and illegal trade, cheetahs only live in 10% of their historic range. Furthermore, the African Wildlife Foundation reports their number deplete 2.26% every year. Also, exactly 6,674 of these big cats are present in the wild. This is a miserably low number. Therefore, much needs to be done in order to pull them out of their endangered status.

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