Hank the Tank is a 500 Pound Bear on the Run

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An obese black bear who goes by the name of Hank the Tank is on the run in California. The giant bear has been suspected of breaking into more than two dozen homes. Clearly, Hank the Tank is unmistakable due to his enormous size. Therefore, he must stand out from all the other bears.

The bear’s main motive appears to be nothing more than finding food. Believe it or not, American bears have regular interactions in human society. It is surprisingly common for them to break into dumpsters and even houses. Some can even unlock car doors and steal food from the inside!

Hank the Tank
(Image Source: Pixabay/ArtTower)

However, multiple DNA samples have made a striking discovery. This discovery is that many bears like Hank might be responsible behind the series of break-ins. On the contrary, this finding seems more believable. It seems rather extreme that even a black bear like Hank the Tank could have broken into all those homes.

Several weeks ago, the enormous black bear was believed to have broken into 28 homes. Moreover, the massive bear is said to have wrecked more than 33 houses on his own (assuming this is the same bear and not several of them!). The super-sized bear even squeezed through a small window.

500 pound black bear
(Image Source: Pixabay/mila-del-monte)

Hank seems to have discarded his fear of people. Therefore, several accounts have hinted he may have to be put down. However, such claims have been debunked, thankfully. The Guardian reports that The Department of Fish and Wildlife stated it will try to track down the bears. After this, the bears (or bear) will be moved to a “suitable habitat.” Therefore, no harm will be brought to the bears.

The Koala hopes that the big bear gets to safety in time and is placed in the right kind of environment. This will make sure he is totally free of risk. Also, human food (esp. fast food) might be too fattening. Therefore, it is highly unfit for animals.

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