Guinness World Records Declared the World’s Oldest Dog

A 21-YEAR-OLD Chihuahua TobyKeith from Florida has been named the world’s oldest dog. The news about TobyKeith, who was born on January 9, 2001, was announced on the Guinness Book of World Records website.

Along with this news, the secret to his longevity has been revealed by his owner. Gisela Shore, his owner, believes that frequent exercise and a nutritious diet are key to his good health. The diet includes vegetables, rice, and chicken with no sweet treats.

World's oldest dog
(Image source: Instagram/giselashore)

She also believes that his “grand old age” is due to his “good DNA” and a caring environment. He told this to Guinness World Records, by saying, “WOW! was everyone’s reaction when he turned 20! My friends and family assumed he was the world’s oldest dog.”

Another fact about Chihuahua that the owner shared left everyone in awe. TobyKeith has a heart issue. However, even that does not stop him from doing his job. He has lived longer than the average Chihuahua. Which can live anywhere from 12 to 18 years.

world's oldest dog
(Image source: Instagram/giselashore)

The owner, Shore, was an animal rescue volunteer. This is when she rescued TobyKeith from a local shelter. The original name of TobyKeith was peanut Butter. However, later the name was changed when he became part of the Shore family.

The owner shared, “I was a volunteer at Peggy Adams Animal Rescue and one of the employees told me about an elderly couple trying to surrender a puppy because they could not take care of him any longer.” This is when Shore thought of adopting TobyKeith.

Shore has other pets also apart from Chihuahuas. She has an American Bulldog, aged 7, and a Chinese Crested , aged 3. Moreover, she has two parrots who are also friends with TobyKeith.

Watch this Video of a Special Dog!


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