Grandpa Wears Cone of Shame to Cheer Up Dog

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A grandpa has won the internet by wearing a ‘cone of shame.’ He did this in support for his pet dog, Ollie. The dog received the cone after a surgery to remove a small lump from her eye lid. Of course, no pet wants to receive the cone of shame. In order to make Ollie feel better, he put one on himself. Hopefully, his must have made the dog less frustrated. 

Dog cone of shame
(Image Source: Instagram/@good.boy.ollie)

Cones of shame are common at vets. They are especially favored for naughty pets. Moreover, they are for preventing pets from scratching or licking an infected area after treatment. Contrary to popular belief, cones of shame may not be as shameful as we might believe. Regardless, we can never stress enough how important vets are. They have our sincerest gratitude.


According to the Animal Rescue Site, Alex decided to capture the adorable moment. Then, he put it up on social media. Alex is Ollie’s owner. Pet owners have done the most incredible things for their beloved companions. This moment goes to show exactly how far some will go. We think this moment is so adorable!

grandpa wears cone of shame
(Image Source: Instagram/@good.boy.ollie)

The Dodo interviewed Alex regarding this heartwarming event. He confirmed that Ollie “definitely felt happier” after the kind gesture by the grandfather. Furthermore, the dog had to wear her cone for a week after the surgery. On the other hand, the grandfather only lasted a few hours before he decided to take the cone off. A video was put up on Instagram for fans to see. Fortunately, Ollie seems to be doing a lot better following her surgery.

From adorable to completely nuts, great pet owners have been known to go the extra mile for their bundles of love. Some serious owners have even searched for their lost pet for years. The reunion after they succeed is truly one of the most touching things ever. We advise you to bring a box of tissue paper or two.

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