Gorilla’s Smartphone Time Limited by Zoo

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Finding people glued to their smartphone screens in nothing new in this day and age. If anything, it has become far too commonplace. However, an eastern lowland gorilla might have become addicted to a smartphone. Amare has become so fascinated an invention of the digital age that he did not notice when another gorilla charged at him. This happened at the Lincoln Park zoo.

Amare gorilla smartphone
(Image Source: FOX 32 Chicago)

Metro claims that Amare might have become addicted to smartphones with interactions from zoo visitors. Often at times, they would show the gorilla some pictures and videos through the glass divider. In a matter of time, the primate would develop a fondness for smartphones. Eventually, it reached a point where the gorilla would become far too addicted to it.


Obviously, the zoo could not let this whole matter go unnoticed. Therefore, they had to take action to curb this dependency on smartphones. Now, visitors are discouraged from showing anything on a smartphone to the gorilla. Furthermore, the zoo has tied a rope which forbids visitors from getting too close to the glass partition.

gorilla's smartphone time limited
(Image Source: FOX 32 Chicago)

Stephen Ross wishes that Amare spend time with his troop instead of on a smartphone. Of course, smartphone addiction is highly unnatural behavior for an eastern lowland gorilla or any animal for that matter. Moreover, this learned behavior is a striking reminder of how similar primates are to us.

Amare cannot be distracted by smartphones all the time. Being a male gorilla, he must establish dominance within his troop and not online. Male gorillas tend to be aggressive with each other at times. Therefore, they will ‘play fight’ with one another to establish dominance within the troop.

The more dominant a gorilla is, the higher his social standing. Thus, if Amare becomes more worried about a smartphone than his dominance, he will have a much lower social standing in the group. Low social standing can even lead to ‘bullying’. The Lincoln Zoo claims this could lead to ‘severe developmental consequences.’

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