Giant Snake Found On Google Maps

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giant snake
TikToker reveals what looks like a ‘giant snake skeleton’ in France from Google Maps. Credit: @googlemapsfun/ TikTok

A giant snake skeleton was spotted on the coast of France via Google Maps, but not all is as it seems.

If you’re bored and cant find anything interesting to do, then make your day interesting and check out what’s going on out there via google maps. Go to Google Maps and look at some of the strange and weird views there are to see.


There is also a TikTok account devoted to it.

The user has shared the ‘freakiest things that Google Maps filmed without even knowing it’ in their most recent video.

The user then brings their followers to France after hunting in the forests in Russia and coming one on one with an eerie apparition. Some are suspecting that it is Bigfoot.

“Somewhere in France, we can see something gigantic that can only be seen with satellites. It is hidden on Google Earth,” the video says.

“Users believe it’s a massive serpent.” It’s around 30 metres long and much larger than any snake I’ve ever seen.”

According to the tale, the’snake’ could be a Titanoboa, an extinct genus of extremely huge snakes.

The video has received over two million views.

Many, though, were quick to comment on the Tiktokers account.

“OK, we’re not going to France,” one said.

“The snake is an artwork of an academy, I believe, but I know it isn’t real,” remarked another.

What the giant Snake Really is! OMG!

A giant snake skeleton was supposedly found off the coast of France on Google Maps and Google Earth and was purportedly Titanoboa.

While the object is a serpent called Le Serpent d’Océan, which is very frightening in and of itself, it is a big, metallic sculpture. So you won’t be bitten or swallowed the next time you paddle the coasts of Mindin, Saint-Brevin-les-Pins.

On the Val De Loire website, the contemporary sculpture is included under ‘Museums and Interpretation Centers.’ The sculpture was built by Chinese artist Huang Yong Ping.

Watch this adorable Video!

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