Giant Goldfish Causes Chaos in Canada’s Waterways and Lakes

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The increase of enormous goldfish has created havoc in Canada’s lakes and waterways. This may soon become the reason to prohibit the selling of these fish. Moreover, even the government experts are compiling information to support a request to add the common fish to the list of invasive species.

This would impose a slew of limitations on the fish. Which can include prohibiting their sale and, also prohibiting them from being kept as pets. This is because of the increase in the number of goldfish seen in the wild, particularly around Canada’s Great Lakes.

Goldfish causes chaos
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Not only goldfish, even household dogs are growing to huge sizes in the wild. Which is creating havoc on the ecology and indigenous animals. During last summer, 40,000 goldfish were discovered in only two Ontario ponds. This is revealed by Christine Boston, a biologist of Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

She said that one of the reasons for this could be people getting rid of their unwanted pets in the wild. Which is now creating trouble in the waterways and lakes.

She further added, “If they’re in an environment where they can grow, they can get quite large really quickly and then there’s really nothing that can feed on them. I would say once they get to be 20cm they would be difficult for another fish to eat.”

This shows that the giant goldfish are becoming a trouble for the fishermen as it is of no use for the marine life. Christine further went on to say that the problem seemed to be getting worse, with the once-domesticated pets endangering the delicately balanced ecology.

They have an invasive species list in Canada, which the goldfish is not yet part of. According to that list, if a fish is detected somewhere, they will eradicate it immediately.

She said, “Goldfish aren’t on the list, so we’re actually gathering information and ultimately trying to present the case that they need to be on the list.” This will eventually solve the issue which is causing chaos in lakes.

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