Florida Officer Saves Dog Stuck In Canal

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There are many stories of Florida men doing extraordinary things. However, this Florida officer has a heart of gold. He saved a poor puppy stuck in a canal off Milton Road. Originally, the Palm Bay Police Department received a phone call. According to the Animal Rescue Site, the police received the call from a concerned citizen on 23rd March 2022.

(Image Source: Facebook/Palm Bay Police Department)

The officers were able to confirm that a dog was stuck in the canal. This was a golden retriever who was “unable to free itself.” It was at this time Officer Carol came forward to rescue the pooch. The officer confirmed the golden retriever was really tired. The water was also cold in the morning. Furthermore, the dog had been outside for a long time.


The dog had no tags or collar. Therefore, the police struggled to identify the owner. Eventually, they contacted Brevard County Sheriff’s Office’s Animal Services for help. Additionally, they tried to reach out to the dog’s owner on Facebook. Thankfully, the owner commented under the Facebook post. Thus, the dog was returned to him.

(Image Source: Facebook/Palm Bay Police Department)

The owner took things a step further to update the readers on the situation. He added that the dog has been well-bathed and snuggled since its rescue. He provided some background on the dog ending up in the canal. The owner had been looking all over for their pooch. They confirmed the dog got out of their gate an hour before being rescued.

However, that’s not all. Someone was able to tag the person who reported the incident. Thus, the dog’s owner was able to express their gratitude to the caller. This made the situation even more wholesome. What’s more is that the golden retriever will be receiving a collar. This will help him be easily identified if it were to escape again. The Koala thanks the Palm Bay Police Department making this rescue a success.

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