Firefighters Rescued Ducklings from a Drainage Pipe

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Firefighters are known to save people, but this time they saved a bucket full of tiny ducklings. These ducklings were so little that they fell through gaps in a roadway drain cover. It seemed as if they were waddling toward a park.

When Neil McIvor raised the alarm, he was picking up litter with his volunteer group in Stamford, Lincolnshire. This is when he saw that there was something in the drainage pipe. He looked closely and was amazed to find the little ducklings in the drain.

firefighters rescued ducklings
(Image source: SWNS)

“We saw these ducklings in trouble after hearing them ‘cheeping’,” said Neil when he called the firefighters.

Immediately after that, firefighters were able to force out the massive drain and scoop up the brood. Which they then rinsed in a metal bucket.

“Ducks are known to congregate or wander in this area. They all dwell on the opposite bank of the stream.” The mother duck “sometimes takes her ducklings for a wash in the puddles” because there are many potholes that fill with water.

Firefighters rescued ducklings
(Image source: SWNS)

The cute little ducklings follow each other. According to one of the firefighters, “One must have fallen off the curb and into the drain. Once one goes, the rest follow.”

Eventually, the ducklings were taken out of the drainage pipe. Moreover, the firefighters were successful in rescuing the little ducklings in a metal bucket.

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