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Endangered Spotted Tree Frogs Released Into Kosciuszko National Park

tree frogs released
tree frogs released

The 2019-20 summer bushfires nearly wiped out the species of spotted tree frogs. When the terrible bushfires blazed across woods and wilderness across the state. At that time the amphibians were estimated around 250-300 at the time, but were reduced to about ten.

However, now 80 critically endangered spotted tree frogs are leaping back into the wild in NSW. Previously in 2001, another setback for these species was a lethal disease that nearly wiped out the these frogs. Not only these but also the southern and northern corroboree frogs.

tree frogs released
(Image source: Pexels)

On Monday, Griffin said in a statement that “the breeding program is a reminder to have optimism about the conservation work we’re doing.” Following a successful breeding program, the animals were released into Kosciuszko National Park, giving the species a second chance. Furthermore, the NSW government has committed $175 million over ten years to the Saving Our Species program. As it is known that Australia has the world’s greatest rate of species extinction. Moreover, the climate crisis is likely to exacerbate the threat of further extinction.

As per the Department of Planning and Environment, “The spotted tree frog is fundamental to the maintenance of ecosystem health in the NSW upland rivers where it lives.” Further he added that, “Frogs are also food for other species such as snakes, birds, mammals and predatory invertebrates, playing an important role in the food web.”

Griffin announced a record $200 million for koala conservation earlier this month, with the goal of doubling the state population of the endangered Australian symbol. This shows that they are putting efforts to conserve different endangered species.

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