Endangered Cotton-Top Tamarin Monkey Born at Chester Zoo

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Chester Zoo welcomes the birth of one of the most endangered species of monkey. This is the first rare baby cotton-top tamarin birth in the zoo after 22 long years. Therefore, the zoo conservationists are “overjoyed” at the birth.

A primate keeper at the zoo expressed his happiness over this news. He said, β€œIt’s incredibly special to be able to see the little one so soon after its birth and after opening its eyes for the first time in the world.”


The zoo conservatives are overjoyed because they know that these cotton-top tamarins have become endangered in recent years. According to the International Union of Conservation and Nature’s (IUCN) Red List, they are listed as endangered. Moreover, only 2,000 breeding animals are thought to be alive in the wild.

This means that tamarin numbers have already decreased and are expected to drop further by 80 percent in the next 20 years. This will make them one of the most endangered primate species.

Endangered Cotton-Top Tamarin

“The mini monkeys are native to a small area in northern Colombia but, sadly, only 5% of their original habitat now remains intact due to mass deforestation, while the illegal wildlife trade is another significant threat to their survival.” said the zookeeper.

cotton-top tamarin
(Image source: Zooborn)

Nick Davis, the deputy curator at the zoo shared his views about this endangered species. He said, β€œIt’s a highly threatened species because its wild habitat has been destroyed by commercial logging for the agriculture, paper, and timber industries.”

He further also added about how these tamarins have been a victim to illegal trade. This is the reason they have become endangered. He added, β€œit wasn’t that long ago that these miniature primates were seen as quite a common species, so their dramatic demise over the last few years shows just how a species thought to be safe can change so rapidly.”

Chester Zoo has taken part in the initiative to protect the endangered wildlife species. Moreover, they also aim to prevent these species from becoming extinct.

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