Easter Weekend Welcomes the Birth of Baby Zebra and Wolverine

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A zebra foal and a wolverine kit were born at a zoo over the Easter weekend, bringing the total number of new arrivals to two.

Mother Florence, 12, and father Peter, 6, gave birth to a boy foal at Wild Place Project in Bristol. Keepers are also celebrating the birth of a wolverine kit for the first time.


The birth was “extraordinary” because wolverines were extinct in the wild in Britain over 8,000 years ago, according to team leader, Joe Norman.

Easter weekend
(Image source: Wildplaceproject)

According to Mr. Norman, the female wolverine kit is being cared for by its five-year-old mother Alice, who is keeping her close to her as she would in the wild. Moreover, the keepers were thrilled that Alice made the nest in a small purpose-designed nest box and excavated her own dens.

“It’s dry and warm there for them. We’ve been keeping a close eye on her, hoping she’ll come out into the open, ” said Norman. He further added about how much more time will it take for the wolverine to step out. “We expected it to take up to ten weeks, but it was well worth the wait.” Mr Norman continued, “They are very gorgeous animals.”

Easter weekend
(Image source: Wildplaceproject)

In addition to this, he also talked about the zebra foal who is adjusting well with the family. “He is a wonderful zebra foal who is already settling down to life with his family,” animal manager Will Walker said.

Moreover, he also talked about how the birth of these two will bring awareness about species which are declining. “His birth will hopefully assist to raise awareness about the near-threatened species’ future as their natural population continues to decline.”

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