Duck leads to human body and unravels murder mystery

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North Carolina authorities have discovered the remains of a 92-year-old lady who has been missing since 2020. This was all because of a pet duck who led them to the corpse.

Nellie Lucille Sullivan’s rotting remains were discovered in a makeshift grave behind the waterfowl’s owners’ trailer.

Pet Duck Leads Police To Body And Solves Murder Mystery

Following the shocking finding, Mark Alan Barnes and Angela Lucille Wamsley — Nellie’s granddaughter – were charged with her murder.

The duck belonged to the new tenants of the trailer where Nellie’s remains were discovered. Mark and Angela used to live there previously.

According to Oxygen, Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Mark Walker explained: “Apparently, the duck ran behind the trailer at 11 Beady Eyed Lane and as they were following after their pet duck, they ran across the container where Nellie Sullivan was placed.”

“If I could give that duck a medal,” Mark said, describing the quest for Nellie as “a crazy goose chase.”

“Since the beginning of this investigation, we have attempted to identify Ms. Sullivan’s remains, provide her the respect she earned, and restore dignity to the life she once lived,” Angie Tullis, captain of the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office, said in a statement on April 21.

A subsequent autopsy confirmed Nellie’s identification, but her cause of death has yet to be revealed.

Mark and Angela were arrested in December 2020 on suspicion of murdering Nellie, with North Carolina authorities accusing Mark of burying Angela’s grandmother in a’shallow grave.’

Nothing was found during local searches, and Nellie’s neighbours claimed she had been missing for years.

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