Duck Flies into Hospital Maternity Ward, Delivers 10 Ducklings

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Birth of babies is no big deal in maternity ward of Baptist Medical Center beaches. The Dodo reports an interesting event took place which would simply blow anyone away. A pregnant duck flew into the hospital’s maternity ward. It is believed the duck flew in herself.

Eventually, the hospital staff most likely figured out why the duck did this. Mama duck had made her nest in the hospital. Everyone bore witness to the birth of ten sweets ducklings. For some reason, the duck picked the perfect spot to start her family. The event could not have been better timed.


Of course, the first challenge for the mother was to guide her ducklings out of the building. Luckily, mama duck was able to accomplish this. Ducks are surprisingly disciplined animals. They can form straight lines at follow their mothers as they lead them on. Ducklings mature quickly. Their eyes open up upon birth and they already have their down feathers to keep warm.

Ducks are omnivores. Therefore, they feed on insects, small fish and even certain plants. While ducks can swim, they can also forage for food on land as well. Ducks are highly social birds that migrate in flocks. As with most migratory birds, they fly in the famous ‘V’ formation. Ducks migrate during the winter in hopes of finding warmer spots.

mama duck hospital
(Image Source: Pixabay/mcpdigital)

Of course, it is extraordinary for a duck to build her nest near a human environment. Normally, they tend to build their nests in small tree holes. The tree holes are favorable because they prove safety. Not to mention, some peace and quiet.

What’s more? Ducks are surprisingly alert animals. They are tough to sneak up on, even when they are sleeping. Ducks favor sleeping in groups for added protection. There are ‘guard ducks’ in these groups which sleep with one eye open. Moreover, these ‘guard’ ducks get to control which part of their brain remains awake.

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