Dog Relaxes on Woman’s Chair, Refuses to Leave until Adopted

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A dog decided to relax on a woman’s chair. The canine was discovered out on the patio by the family. Without a doubt, the dog had surprised them. More so, the dog’s way of sitting had surprised the family even more. Perhaps the pooch took a thing or two from the humans he had been observing? Who knows? Clearly, she was totally okay with getting cozy in the patio chair.

The sweet puppy paid Amy Haden a visit almost every morning. The dog was devoted to getting attention. He was even sitting outside when she returned home from work! Clearly, the dog wanted something. Eventually, Amy knew she had to do something.

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Amy did all she could to track the dog’s owner. She reached out to everyone in her community and contacted all her neighbors. Unfortunately, she could not find any leads. After that, she posted on social media. Nobody claimed the dog as their own.

The neighbors did claim to see the dog on many occasions. However, they did not spot him with an owner. The Animal Rescue Site confirmed this. Therefore, they thought he had no home. Additionally, Amy tried to verify the dog’s microchip. However, he did not have any to begin with. It became more and more obvious that this dog was a stray.

(Image Source: YouTube/GMA)

Soon, Amy decided to adopt the dog and name him Walker. She would continue to care for the dog until his owners would be found. However, nobody claimed Walker as their own. Thus, Amy now needed to do something for the long term.

Walker is a well-mannered dog. Sadly, he did not get along with Amy’s other dogs. There is only one hint that Walker may have belonged to an owner. That hint is the dog’s good manners. Unfortunately, we might never find out the actual owners.

In a happy turn of events, Walker was able to find his forever home. He has been adopted by a kind old lady who promises to talk great care of him. On the other hand, Amy was careful regarding the dog. After all, he could not be adopted by anyone!

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