Dog Receives a Speeding Ticket, Owner Shocked

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A motorist was caught speeding on the streets of Germany. Obviously, a speed trap camera caught him in the act. Therefore, a ticket was sent soon after. However, the ticket did not show the owner of the car. Instead, the motorist’s puppy was behind the wheel. Did the dog sneak his owner’s car out? Seems rather unlikely.

speeding ticket dog
(Image Source: The Dodo)

The photograph of the dog behind the wheel looks as corny as it sounds. We can only imagine the owner’s reaction to seeing his dog behind the wheel. If that were to happen to one of us, we would be definitely laughing it off! But how did the dog end up in the driver’s seat? Clearly, the canine is no Vin Diesel. However, the dog is far too tiny to reach the car’s pedals. There is no way the dog could be actually speeding, right?


The motorist was actually the owner’s uncle. Therefore, it was the owner’s uncle going full speed ahead. Much like his nephew, the uncle himself was shocked! Could it really be a humorous error on behalf of the German police? This seems highly unlikely.

dog gets speeding ticket
(Image Source: The Dodo)

To tell the truth, the uncle had his nephew’s dog present in vehicle at the time. According to The Dodo, the pooch simply jumped into the uncle’s lap at the time of the photo being snapped. The nephew states that the uncle forgot to put the dog’s special seat belt on. Thus, the dog jumped right into his uncle’s lap. What was even more interesting is that the dog hopped on his lap for only three seconds. Likewise, this was more than enough time for the speed camera to snap a photo of the pooch behind the wheel.

Whether you are riding with a pet or not, it is always best to observe road safety rules. Always stay within the speed limit and obey all the road signs. Furthermore, you should never forget to wear your seat belt.

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