Dog drowning rescued by construction workers

The dog was taken to the vet after the rescue. Credit: ViralHog
Quick-Thinking Construction Workers Use Digger To Rescue Washed Away Dog (ViralHog)

Dog drowning rescued by a group of construction workers in Ecuador. They realised that the dog was being carried away in a nearby canal. Hence, they decided to put their tools to good use.

After footage of the difficult rescue was published online this month, the innocent dog found itself being carried away by the water in an irrigation canal in Pasaje Canto. Social media users hailed the workers’ quick thinking.


Because the canal appeared to be close to where the group was working, one of the guys, Abel Murillo, decided to climb inside the scoop of a digger and utilise it as an improvised platform while being dropped down above the canal.

The workers can be heard speaking while the scoop is placed in place. Following this Murillo stooped down to be near  the fast-moving water, which was dragging trash with it.

Soon after, the dog’s head appeared, and the workers began shouting and whistling to the puppy, attempting to entice it to walk over to where Murillo was waiting.

The worker was able to reach out and grab the dog by its fur as it got closer

The worker prevented it from being swept any farther. He was able to drag it into the scoop with him and hang on as the employees manoeuvred the machinery back to dry land.

Commenting on the rescue, the workers said: “The dog fell into the irrigation canal. And from further back they warned us that the dog was drowning, and so we proceeded to rescue him.”

Murillo encouraged the dog to stand on all fours after it was successfully retrieved from the canal. The puppy appeared bewildered, but otherwise appeared to be unhurt.

Murillo stated that the puppy nearly went beneath the digger’s scoop before he was able to grab it in a radio appearance. He claimed the frightened animal gave him a ‘small bite,’ and that the workers later collected the dog and took him to the clinic for vaccinations.

Murillo also stated that the dog initially remained in the vicinity, but that he believes it has since moved on, hopefully to a safe location.

The workers were praised on social media, with one individual dubbing the idea to use the digger as ‘brilliant’.



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