Divers Give an Octopus Living in the Trash a Sweet New Home

Two divers headed out on their diving adventure in the waters of Indonesia last December. Little did they know, they would help find an octopus a new home. Pall Sigurdsson and his diving friends encountered the poor octopus living inside a plastic cup. Plastic is hazardous for sea animals. Therefore, this is was no place to live for the octopus.

Divers find octopus new home
(Image Source: YouTube/Pall Sigurdsson)

The divers immediately realized what was wrong with the whole picture. They knew the plastic cup was not only dangerous for the octopus, but for others as well. Furthermore, the octopus was doing a poor job at sealing itself from any possible predators. Even if the octopus ended up as another animal’s lunch, the predator would end up ingesting the plastic cup.

Octopus in a cup
(Image Source: YouTube/Pall Sigurdsson)

Eventually, Sigurdsson and the others decided to find the octopus a new home. They went around the seabed, looking to find a new home for the octopus. Thus, they decided to showcase different clamshells to the octopus. The mollusk would soon pick its favorite one.

On the other hand, time was not on the side of the divers. In fact, their oxygen supply was running out. Thus, they had to hasten things in getting the octopus to safety. In the nick of time, the octopus finally chose a shell of its liking. “Coconut octopus are famous for being very picky about which shells they keep,” Sigurdsson writes online. Additionally, he wrote “So we had to try with many different shells before it found one to be acceptable.”

Divers give octopus a home
(Image Source: YouTube/Pall Sigurdsson)

Sigurdsson is wise to raise the alarm of plastic pollution. He explains to The Dodo that he finds an “overwhelming” amount of it on the ocean floor. Every year, roughly 4.8 to 12.7 metric tons of plastic enter Earth’s oceans every year. Therefore, this puts countless animals’ lives at great risk. Moreover, plastic pollution has not even spared human beings as well. In 2022, microplastics were detected in the human body for very first time.


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