Coyote Enjoys With Dog Toys Left In The Yard

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Brian Chisholm and his dog have been really disturbed by the spree of thefts last week. Moreover, Sancho Panza the dog’s toys were disappearing night after night. Every night when Sancho left his toy in the yard, the next night it was gone.

It felt as if someone was in love with Sancho’s puppy toys. Chisholm tried to investigate who could possibly be behind all this. The disappearance of the toys was irritating Sancho.


Chisholm and Sancho had had enough after the third night of thievery. They went out onto their property together in search of the lost toys. And sure enough, they discovered them strewn about in a nearby field.

At last they found the toys, but one question still remained. Who was stealing the toys? To get to the root of this Chisholm devised a strategy to find out. He set up a camera in the yard and stacked the toys in front of it, and the thief returned the next night, only to be caught on camera.

Coyote enjoys with dog toys
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“I figured it would be a fox, not a lone coyote,” Chisholm told The Dodo. “Even more surprising was his playfulness.”

It was none other than a coyote. Sancho’s toys had evidently been discovered by a coyote, who decided to have some fun with them night after night. Chisholm now had proof — and he was taken aback when he saw the perpetrator.

For Chisholm, the playfulness of the coyote was the highlight of the incident. And he found no harm in it if another animal is playing with his dog’s toys. He also told how the coyote was not seen for a couple of nights after that. “We go out in the morning and pick [the toys] up,” Chisholm said, adding: “The coyote has not been here for the past couple of nights.”

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