Cop Shares Umbrella with Dogs during Heavy Thunderstorm

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A cop on the flooded streets of Kolkata was recently spotted shielding stray dogs from the torrential rainfall. As anyone can tell, the thunderstorm was severe. It forced both human and animal alike to seek shelter from the storm. However, the cop still had to perform his duties in the unforgiving weather.

Dogs traffic cop
(Image Source: Pixabay/huoadg5888)

The hardworking officer took as many stray dogs under his umbrella as he could. Aside from the usual activities, we see a softer side to the Indian police force. According to Heaven of Animals, the humble officer’s name is Constable Tarun Kumar Mandal. He rose beyond the call of duty to extend a helping hand to man’s best friend. The harsh weather did little to stop him.


Mandal was directing traffic at a major road in Kolkata on Saturday. Unexpectedly, two stray dogs came along and sat under the umbrella. Likewise, Mandal continued to perform his duties despite the dogs sitting down in front of him. This kind gesture shows that regardless of our everyday tensions, kindness should know no bounds. Eventually, a bystander walked along. They took some time to record this random act of kindness and put it up on social media.

Dogs cop thunderstorm
(Image Source: Pixabay/TheDigitalArtist)

The dogs appeared to be content after finding a place to relax. At least for a brief moment during the storm. India is a massive country. Therefore, it has one of the largest stray populations in the world. A Dogs Love estimates about 35-40 million stray dogs exist in India.

Has the kindness of this officer moved you? You can always help strays by getting in touch with your local animal shelter. Remember to reach out to them for more info. Feeling a more heroic than the usual? If it is possible, you might even consider starting your own. However, managing your very own animal shelter is hard work. Certainly, it is never a task that should be taken casually as it demands a lot of responsibility.

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