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Weight Loss Journey of Cinderblock Goes Viral Yet Again!

Cinderblock fat cat

Cinderblock was an adorably fat cat who went viral over her weight loss journey. You might recall seeing a grey, obese cat cutely protesting her exercise routine on a treadmill. Moreover, the treadmill was filled with water so that Cinderblock’s joints could not be strained. Looking back, Cinderblock lived up to her name. She was a grey, obese cat. We reckon her name was self explanatory, considering she resembled a block of cinder herself! 

Cinderblock weight loss journey
(Image Source: Pixabay/ivabalk)

Cinderblock inspired many of her loving fans with her weight loss journey. She initially went viral back in 2019. According to the Animal Rescue Site, she weighed a whopping 21.8 pounds back then! The fat cat was surrendered by her previous owner. Fortunately, she was adopted by a Washington state vet who was determined to help the cat lose the excess weight. 


Much like with human beings, obesity is also a serious problem for pets as well. Furthermore, Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine notes that half of America’s cats are obese or overweight. While some pets look more adorable when they put on weight, pet obesity is a highly serious concern. Obesity greatly shortens their lifespan. Moreover, it causes joint pain. This is because the joints cannot support their weight. Therefore, pet obesity is highly undesirable. 

Cinderblock is a fat cat
(Image Source: Pixabay/gayulo)

The Northshore Veterinary Hospital reports great news! Of course, this is with relation to the success in Cinderblock’s weight loss journey. The cat is now celebrating her twelfth birthday. Moreover, she marks the occasion with a good reduction in weight.  Furthermore, it is the first anniversary towards her living a healthier life. The once huge feline has dropped the weight to 16.8 from 21.8 pounds. That is great progress! 

While the senior cat’s weight loss journey is still ongoing, she has inspired many of her fans yet again. Likewise, the cat has become viral yet again. One comment read, “You go Cinder!” whereas another read, “You inspire me, Cinder!” We wish a decisive success to Cinderblock in covering her weight loss journey. We also wish her a happy, long life. 

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