Cincinnati Zoo Celebrates Manatee Appreciation Day

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The Cincinnati Zoo wishes everyone a happy manatee appreciation day! As one can tell, this is a special day reserved especially for manatees. Manatees are also called ‘sea cows’. They are highly popular in Florida. Given their appearance, we believe this is pretty self-explanatory. Moreover, the zoo has joined hands with the Manatee Rescue and Rehabilitation Partnership.

(Image Source: Cincinnati Zoo Blog)

The zoo began celebrating this day way back in 1999. Since then, the zoo and its staff have been working hard to raise awareness for the animals. The staff has cared for 23 of these sea creatures. Furthermore, 18 of them have been released back into Florida’s waters. Additionally, the Cincinnati Zoo is 1 out of 3 zoos based outside of Florida that take part in this initiative.


The main goal of the zoo’s partnership is to save manatees which are ill, hurt or orphaned. Then, the zoo releases them back into the wild after they have been cared for. Recently, the zoo saved 3 orphaned manatees according to its official blog. The animals are named SwimShady, Alby and Manhattan.

Currently, the manatees are gaining weight. The ‘sea cows’ must be at least 600 lbs before they are fit to be released back into the sea. Unlike with many animals, any additional weight here is a bonus! The manatees arrived about a year ago. Hopefully, they will be released back into Florida’s waters by the coming winter.

(Image Source: Cincinnati Zoo Blog)

Cincinnati Zoo’s vet team has performed a quick examination on the sea animals. However, this is a rather tricky process as the zoo staff has to avoid any kind of contact with the species. This step is highly important to that they can be released back into the wild again. The manatee population is under a heavy threat right now. Lack of food, cold stress and disease are some of the problems faced by the manatees. The Cincinnati Zoo is working hard to raise awareness in favor of these plump sea cows.

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