Chester Zoo Welcomes a Rare Baby Wallaby from its Mother’s Pouch

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Chester Zoo is one of only four zoos in the UK that care for dusky pademelons. Across Europe only 56 live in zoos. Recently they welcomed a rare baby wallaby who emerges from its mother’s pouch. This sight brought a huge amount of joy for the Zookeepers.

The Zookeeper shared that it was the first time that they witnessed the “magical moment” of a young wallaby emerging from its mother’s pouch.


When the dusky pademelon joey was born at Chester Zoo, it was the size of a jelly bean. Moreover, the marsupial had been growing inside the pouch for six months when it was photographed emerging.

Megan said, “It’ll be a few weeks until the new baby fully emerges and is hopping around and exploring all by itself.” She further revealed that no name has been given so far to this young wallaby because the gender is still not revealed. “Then we’ll be able to determine if it’s male or female and give it a fitting name.”

baby wallaby
(Image source: Instagram)

The fall of dusky pademelons, sometimes known as dusky wallabies, has largely gone unnoticed, according to Chester Zoo. This is due to the fact that little is known about the species, which can only be found in the wild in the woods of New Guinea and a few tiny Indonesian islands.

Trapping, killing, and deforestation to make room for rice farming and logging have reduced the population by 30 percent in the last two decades, according to Chester Zoo.

baby wallaby
(Image source: Instagram)

The International Union for Conservation of Nature has declared the species vulnerable to extinction and has suggested that the surviving wild population be closely monitored in order to ensure the species’ long-term existence in New Guinea.

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