Cat Makes Nest for Her Pregnant Mom

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Samantha Smith shared about her cat, Luna made a nest when she was pregnant. She also talked about her bond with Luna. Since the day she adopted her, the cat has been close to her around the clock. Smith told the Dodo about her connection with Luna. She said, “She is so loving, always follows me around! Everyone who visits loves Luna even if they don’t like cats!”

Interestingly, her cat got to know about Smith’s pregnancy very soon. Smith thinks that Luna knew about her pregnancy even before she herself did. She further shared that Luna was loving and attentive throughout her pregnancy.


The thing that got Smith’s attention was Luna’s cute preparations for the arrival of the baby.
When she was around five months pregnant, Luna dragged some clothes into a little pile outside her room. It seemed that Luna was creating a ‘nest’ for Smith’s baby.

Every night at 3:30 a.m. Luna kept meowing loudly the entire time. Smith shared, “It started as here and there, but the closer I got to my due date, it was every single night.” In return Luna’s pregnant mom appreciated her nest. “I would get up and give her cuddles and kisses … and tell her I appreciated her nest!” said Smith.

Cat makes next
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Nest making seemed as Luna’s way to help her mom. Luna just wanted to make sure her mom was ready for the new baby. The thing that fascinated Smith was that for some reason, Luna always made the nests around 3:30 am. Surprisingly, Smith ended up giving birth at 3:18 a.m. This shows that somehow Luna even knew the time of the birth.

Eventually when the day finally came for Luna to meet the baby, she was not as excited as Smith thought. “She was not happy at all [that] this was the final result, but she is definitely warming up to little bucko,” Smith said.

Smith believes that Luna will eventually have the same affection for the baby as she has for her mom.

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