Camel Born At Amersfoort Zoo

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Amersfoort Zoo has reported the birth of a baby camel. The camel was delivered early in the morning. Moreover, the birth took place on March 22nd 2022. Rosa is the baby camel’s mother. Unlike most baby animals, camels spring up on their feet within a few hours. That is a rather surprising fact considering they are very young.

Amersfoort zoo camel
(Image Source: Pixabay/Wolfgang_Hasselmann)

The camel is reported to be in good health. This is largely thanks to the zoo staff and Rosa. As stated earlier, the baby was able to stand on its own four feet within a few hours. Zookeeper Corine de Ruiter notes this is especially important. The zookeeper notes animals are vulnerable if they do not get on their own feet. This has been reported by Zoo Borns.


Camels are known as the ship of the desert. This is largely due to the fact they are perfect for desert travel. Their hooves allow them to grip the sandy environment. Furthermore, their body allows them to store food and water. All the nutrients are stored in their humps.

Camels are native to areas of Mongolia and China. They are usually found within the Gobi Desert. However, Corine draws attention to the dwindling camel population. The zookeeper states that wild camels are threatened with extinction. Corine says that drought and poachers are key factors behind their population decline. Additionally, habitat loss is also another factor negatively affecting the camel population.

camel Amersfoort zoo
(Image Source: Pixabay/Inde)

Camels are herbivores. Also, they are not picky eaters. Therefore, they will eat almost any plant. This can include grass, leaves, herbs and even certain cacti. However, baby camels rely on their mother’s milk in their first weeks. After that, they move onto a normal diet. Furthermore, the gestation period for a camel is twelve to thirteen months.

The zoo has been able to determine the baby camel’s gender. The baby is a girl and they zoo has decided to name her ‘Raya’. The camel calf is now a part of her herd at the City of Antiquity in Amersfoort Zoo which is in the Netherlands.

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