Boy Writes Emotional Notes to His Favorite Dog

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A sweet boy has caught everyone’s hearts. The boy, Roman, has become famous for writing emotional notes to his favorite foster pup. The dog was recently sent to her new home. However, Roman was deeply attached to his favorite dog. Even after she was sent away, he stayed in touch in the most adorable way. The events unfolded in Louisiana, USA.

Fostering an animal is hard work. It demands a lot from those fostering them. Fostering an animal is a kind act. Furthermore, it requires selfless devotion from those humble enough to shoulder the responsibility. People foster animals in order to give them another shot at life. Thus, it saves them from being euthanized.


Many caretakers of the animals develop affection for each other. Therefore, it is hard to say goodbye. This happens many times. Of course, Roman and his family were no different. The sweet child found saying goodbye to be challenging. Eventually, Roman grabbed a paper and some colors. Then, he started writing emotional letters for the dog’s future adoptive family.

According to North Shore Animal League America, one note reads: “Dear Maggie new famuley [sic], Maggie is so cute. Maggie loves to play fetch… Maggie is the best dog ever.” That’s not all, Roman even doodled a cute drawing of the dog, Maggie. After he was done, he gently tucked the letters away in Maggie’s official adoption papers. Moreover, the letters delighted Maggie’s new family. The Animal League confirmed their positive response.

Still, helping a foster animal get adopted is usually in their best interests. Animals are fostered so that they may be placed in loving homes. The animals are trained and placed under great care. This makes sure that the foster pets are off to a great start. Maggie is only 6 years old. She is already turning out to be a good girl. Think you can give an animal a loving home? Consider adopting your new companion today!

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