Boy Hugs Stray Dogs on his Way to School

A heartwarming video shows that a boy hugs stray dogs has been doing rounds on the internet for all the right reasons. The video restores our faith in humanity once again. It shows that the world needs more people who have selfless love and kindness for stray animals.

One day, Ibrahim made a small stopover near the roadside while he was heading off to school in Chechnya. The reason he stopped was the sight of two stray dogs calmly sitting on the grass. They caught his attention and he could not stop himself. So he went closer to them and then what he did to those dogs was just overwhelming.

Boy hugs stray dogs
(Image source: Facebook)

Ibrahim offered them a sweet embrace. He hugged the stray dogs with so much warmth and love that it could melt your heart. He was so involved in it, as if no one was watching him.

However, someone in the nearby building captured this beautiful moment. This showed Ibrahim’s love and affection for animals. It also gave a message of love and kindness to the world. A 30 seconds long video captures the compassion which this young boy feels for the animals. Moreover, this shows how well Ibrahim has been brought up by his family that he knows all this world needs is love and warmth.

Boy hugs stray dogs
(Image source: Facebook)

When the video was uploaded, people appreciated Ibrahim for his gesture. Someone close to his family shared their comment with the Dodo saying, “I saw the video. That’s Ibrahim. He goes to school with my daughter and helps her carry her bag. He’s a very kind boy.”

The clip soon went viral, and Ibrahim’s actions garnered praise from people across the world. This act of Ibrahim also shows that we do not need to do much to make the world a better and happier place for animals and people.


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