Bontebok Makes Debut at Oregon Zoo

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A two month old bontebok has finally made her debut on the Oregon Zoo. A bontebok is a type of antelope. Tutula is the name of the calf. She can now be spotted hopping around her grassy enclosure for all the visitors. The bontebok is a part of the Africa enclosure at the Oregon Zoo. Of course, the baby antelope will join her family. Thus, she continues to bond with her family.

Oregon zoo bontebok
(Image Source: Screenshot/YouTube)

While bonteboks are like deer, they have certain differences. They have chocolate brown fur with white undersides. Regardless of gender, their horns are rather long and lyre-shaped. These horns can grow as long as half a meter.


Kelly Gomez says that is it great to see the antelopes run around and enjoy themselves. She oversees the zoo’s Africa section. Moreover, the zookeepers were thrilled when Winter gave birth to Tutula on 2nd February 2022. Winter is Tutula’s mother. However, the zoo staff noted that Winter was not caring for her calf. Thus, they had to step in and hand rear the calf. Then, the staff gradually let Winter care for Tutula, according to its official press release.

bontebok antelope
(Image Source: Screenshot/YouTube)

Bonteboks were once one of the most endangered mammals on the planet. Therefore, the Oregon Zoo is dedicated to saving their numbers. Gomez comments that bonteboks almost went extinct a century ago. However, they were saved from manmade extinction by wildlife efforts. She further notes that the bontebok’s survival is living proof that our collective effort can make a difference.

Bontebok Oregon zoo
(Image Source: Screenshot/YouTube)

Bonteboks are one the rarest antelopes found in South Africa. Therefore, they are a protected species. They mostly dwell in Bontebok National Park as well as few reserves. Some even exist in private farms. Furthermore, they have even been introduced in other African countries as well. These are Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe. We congratulate the zoo on the successful raising of the antelope. The Koala fully supports them in their endeavors.

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