Black Lion Tamarin Born at Jersey Zoo

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The Jersey Zoo has welcomed a rare black lion tamarin. The baby’s gender has already been noted. Therefore, the tamarin has received a name. The decided to name the baby ‘Grace’. Grace was too weak to cling to the mother after birth. Therefore, the zoo staff had to intervene for the infant’s benefit. Thus, they had to hand-rear the baby with great care.

baby tamarin monkey
(Image Source: Jersey Zoo)

The zoo staff was successfully able to raise the black lion tamarin. Now, she has been shifted back with her family. Therefore, she continues to bond with them. As with many animals, black lion tamarins are endangered. This makes the birth highly important, according to CNN. Likewise, the Jersey Zoo is contributing to saving their numbers.


The Jersey Zoo has been dedicated to saving endangered animals for a long time. As a matter of fact, this is not the first tamarin born at the zoo. The first recorded species was born in 1990. Ever since then, the zoo has released several black lion tamarins back into the wild.

Black lion tamarins have very little to do with lions, actually. They are much smaller than lions and weigh between one or two pounds. However, their fur resembles a lion’s mane. Also, these tamarins are primates while lions are feline. Therefore, they have very little in common. Besides being endangered, of course.

black lion tamarin
(Image Source: Jersey Zoo)

These species can only be found in a small part of a forest in Brazil. This means they are few in number. However, most of their population lives in Morro do Diabo State Park. This park is in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. Furthermore, the primates were believed to be extinct for 50 years until 1972. The IUCN notes that about 1,600 of these animals exist in the wild. Deforestation and habitat loss is a looming threat for these primates. We congratulate the zoo for its outstanding efforts in raising the species.

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