Black Footed Cat Born at The Living Desert

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The Living Desert zoo is pleased to announce the birth of a black-footed cat. The feline’s name has already been decided. The zoo staff decided to name her Arya. Arya means “noble” or “honorable” in Sanskrit. She was born on 8th April 2022. Of course, black footed cats many look like regular housecats, but they are far more vicious than that. Believe it or not, they are wildlife’s most successful hunters. Who would’ve thought? Looks can be deceiving.

black footed cat
(Image Source: Zooborns)

Zooborns reports that the first few weeks were rather “eventful” for Arya. Therefore, things appeared rather tough until she was rushed to The Living Desert animal hospital. The veterinary team took great care of Arya and nursed her to good health. Things got tense as the surgeons had to treat several injuries. However, things all went well in the end.


Dr. Christine Higbie claims Arya’s health is steadily improving and that the zoo staff is “very encouraged by her progress.” She notes that there is great improvement in her health and her behavior. Furthermore, Arya is becoming more active day by day. She is also eating her food regularly.

black footed cat living desert
(Image Source: Zooborns)

However, the exact reason behind Arya’s injuries are not known. It is highly likely that her mother might have injured her by carrying her around. It may also have been due to overgrooming. On the other hand, it could be another reason entirely.

It should also be kept in mind that Arya was born to a first time mother. There is always a risk of the mother rejecting the offspring. The animal world can be highly cruel at times. Rejection of offspring can happen often.

Regardless, The Living Desert staff is proud of their accomplishment. Black footed cats are highly elusive. Despite an abundance of knowledge surrounding animals, the lives of black footed cats remain a mystery. Hopefully, having this cat around might mean it can be studied more closely.

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