Bellevue Cat Wins $125,000 Against Illegal Trespassing Charges

After being accused of illegal trespassing in a community in Bellevue, Washington, Miska the tabby cat recently earned a $125,000 settlement. The settlement money has apparently been received by the cat’s owner.

Bellevue cat wins
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Miska’s owner is a Bellevue woman named Anna Danieli. Miska has been accused of being an infamous and aggressive cat by the people. Therefore, they filed the illegal trespassing charges against the cat.


Attorneys Jon Zimmerman and Jeffrey Possinger, Danieli’s legal counsel, maintained that the feline was a devoted companion. According to Atty. Zimmerman, the settlement can be deemed historic because of the involvement of a cat in an official legal matter in the state of Washington.

When the complaint was filed, over 30 infractions were issued against Miska and its owner. No other cat in Bellevue or King County has ever received as many citations before.

Prior to the historic settlement, Danieli first became aware of the matter when Miska was hauled away by animal control and fined thousands of dollars. The cat was placed in the King County kitty jail for the time being.

According to Atty. Possinger, the case’s turning point came when Danieli and the cat’s legal team found later in the court procedure that one of the accusers or complainants had a connection to local animal control.

The discovery reveals a significant conflict of interest. The case was brought by an animal control manager who filed his own complaints. This was done purportedly because the Bellevue cat merely lived in his neighborhood.

Both attorneys are apparently hoping that the action would lead to greater transparency for pet owners. Moreover, in the case of Miska, the owner’s family had no idea that the neighbor who had complained was the local animal control chief.

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