Baby Wallaby Missing from Detroit Zoo

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The Detroit Zoo has reported that a baby wallaby has gone missing. The poor baby was only 5 months old. A Facebook post further explains that the zoo staff is “heartbroken” over the loss. Being only 5 months old, it is highly unlikely that the baby wallaby can survive for a long time.

The wallaby joey was last seen at the zoo at 5 pm on Saturday. Moreover, this was in the Australian Outback Adventure section of the zoo before it went missing. Currently, the entire habitat is being examined by the staff. The property spans two acres. It is home to eleven kangaroos and three wallabies. Furthermore, even the surrounding areas are being inspected carefully.

baby wallaby missing Detroit Zoo
(Image Source: Detroit Zoo)

The staff has also been examining camera footage in order to track the missing animal. It should be also noted that many avian predators such as owls and hawks reside near the enclosure. The zoo suspects that one of them might be involved. Additionally, the zoo is aware that its audience is hoping for a good outcome. Therefore, it will keep everyone updated.

Wallabies is a pouched animal which belongs to the kangaroo family. However, this animal is smaller than actual kangaroos. They are widely distributed across Australia and neighboring countries. They can grow up to 6 feet in height and they can weight anywhere between 4-53 pounds (2-24 kg).

Detroit Zoo wallaby
(Image Source: Detroit Zoo)

Much like kangaroos, wallabies have very powerful tails and hind legs. While the tail cannot be used to for gripping, it can serve as an additional support. Their hind legs allow them to leap great distances. The legs are also capable of delivering strong kicks in a fight.

Wallabies are herbivores which normally feed on grass and other plants. Their long faces and their flat teeth allow them to easily chew their food. Smaller species often remain alone. However, larger species can form a large group called a mob. This ‘mob’ can comprise of up to 50 wallabies at a time.

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