Baby Penguin Welcomed By Columbus Zoo

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The Columbus Zoo has just welcomed a baby penguin. This will be its latest addition to the shores and aquarium region. The baby is a Humboldt penguin who was born on 20th March 2022. This birth comes as great news as bird flu has turning into a serious problem across the United States. The zoo must be extra vigilant to keep the baby safe.

Humboldt penguin
(Image Source: Pixabay/webandi)

The zoo seeks to protect its birds by bringing them indoors. Hopefully, this will protect them from the bird flu. Moreover, the zoo’s animal care team has been hard at work ever since the birth. Therefore, they are hand-raising the baby penguin according to WBNS Columbus. Soon, the penguin will be introduced into its colony.


Humboldt penguins are a small penguin species. They inhabit the tropical and temperate Eastern Pacific Ocean. They have the most northward range out of all the penguin subspecies expect the Galapagos penguin. Additionally, Humboldt penguins are closely related to the Galapagos penguin.

Humboldt penguins are carnivores. Thus, the usually feed on small fish. The penguins chose to search for food close to their own nest. Therefore, this keeps them out of danger and in close range of their home. Likewise, the baby penguin is being fed a fish-based baby formula. The zoo will gradually move the baby to a small fish diet, as is the case with the Humboldt penguin.

Humboldt penguins
(Image Source: Pixabay/veverkolog)

Humboldt penguins are considered endangered. There are a variety of factors which threaten them. Climate change on top of habitat loss is a leading threat to the penguin. Moreover, overfishing is another risk faced by the animal. As mentioned earlier, small fish is a staple food for the Humboldt penguin. Therefore, overfishing greatly reduces the food available and reduces their numbers.

We congratulate the Columbus Zoo on this accomplishment. We would also like to wish the best of luck to everyone facing bird flu in America as well.

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