Baby Camel Born at Hodonin Zoo

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The Hodonin Zoo has welcomed the birth of a baby double-humped camel. The baby was born at Hodonin Zoo on 10th March 2022. Moreover, this was during early hours in the morning. The zoo staff has already identified the camel calf as male. While the camel appears to be acting healthy, the zoo has not commented on the baby’s health.

Currently, the camel calf is spending time with his mother. Hopefully, their bond will strengthen over time. The calf’s father will be joining him in a week’s time. However, this is not the first offspring of the camel pair. This is their third calf. A zoologist comments that bringing up the first offspring tends to be complicated. The zoo staff had to feed the first calf by hand.

Camel Hodonin Zoo
(Image Source: Zooborns)

When camel calves are delivered, they spring up on their own feet within a matter of hours. Baby camels depend on their mother’s milk during their early days. Within a few weeks, they start chewing solid food. Camels are herbivores that rely on grass, shrubs, bushes, etc. Camels store all their food and water in their humps. This allows them to go for extended periods of time without eating or drinking.

Camel baby Hodonin zoo
(Image Source: Zooborns)

While camels are popularly associated with the Middle East, they can also be found in China as well as Mongolia. The biology of camels allow them to roam areas where it is impossible for horses to do so. This is primarily the desert. Moreover, a camel’s hooves are better suited for desert travel. On the other hand, a horse’s hooves are not.

According to ZooBorns, the double-humped camel almost extinct in the wild. This camel species is critically endangered. Moreover, its numbers are also decreasing. Therefore, a lot of effort is required in restoring their numbers. In captivity, they are mainly bred for their fur and for carrying heavy loads. Their average lifespan in captivity can be as high as 50 years.

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