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Kaynat Akhtar

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Marine Biology, Ocean Exploration, Rain Forests, Global Warming

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Burgers’ Zoo Welcomes A Baby Rhino On The Easter Sunday

A Zoo in Arnhem announced the birth of a square-lipped male rhinoceros. He was born on the morning of the Easter Sunday. The birth...

Stray Dog Who Went Viral For Stealing Toy Unicorn Is Now Set For Adoption

A few day ago, a stray dog was reported to be stealing a toy unicorn from a North Carolina store. The animal control took...

Giant Otter Pups Finally Make Debut At The Jacksonville Zoo

Three giant otter pups recently made their public appearance at Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. The male and two female pups were born in October...

Congo, A 16 Year Old Giraffe, Passed Away During A Medical Procedure

The Nashville Zoo mourns the loss of their 16-years-old male Masai Giraffe. He passed away during a medical treatment for his hoof abnormality on...