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Editor in Chief

Hermeen Shahid

Main interests:

Marine Biology, Ocean Exploration, Rain Forests, Global Warming

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Dog Gains Popularity For Having World’s Longest Nose

2-year-old Eris, the Borzoi, has the world's longest nose according to her owners. This...

Dog Siblings Reunite and Share a Hug on The Street

A photo of two dogs hugging each other has gone viral on the Internet. Dogs are most likely to get excited after...

Rare Toothless Dinosaur Found in Australia

A rare dinosaur fossil has been uncovered in Australia. The creature known as an Elaphrosaur, means "light-footed lizard".

Hank, The Famous Mini Pig, Dies At Only 3-Years-Old

Hank, the famous mini pig, who was extremely popular on social media, has unfortunately died at such a young age.