Arizona Man Arrested for Freezing Animals in His Freezer

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Officials have received a complaint against an Arizona man on the charges of animal cruelty. The charges were filed against him after around 200 dead dogs, rabbits, birds, and other creatures were discovered in a freezer. Moreover, upon investigation, it was concluded that some were probably frozen while alive.

On April 3, the Mohave county deputies discovered animals in a garage freezer. Furthermore, the officials discovered this after a lady reported that Michael Patrick Turland had not returned snakes she had lent him for breeding.

man arrested for freezing animals
(Image source: Mohave County Office)

Additionally, the sheriff’s office released a statement on Thursday that Turland had previously rented a property in Golden Valley. Which is a rural town in far western Arizona. This is where the freezer was found.

Dogs, turtles, lizards, birds, snakes, mice, rats, and bunnies were among the frozen animals. “Due to their body orientation, several of the creatures looked to be frozen alive.” They were housed in a “large-sized chest freezer,” according to the sheriff’s office.

Following Turland and his wife’s departure, the home’s owner discovered the frozen animals while cleaning. Moreover, according to the statement, the owner subsequently called the woman. Who initially notified the sheriff’s office about this incident.

Turland was arrested at the home on Wednesday after deputies received information that he had returned to the property, according to the agency. “When interviewed, Turland eventually admitted to placing some of the animals in the freezer when they were still alive,” the statement said.

Finally, Turland was arrested on 94 charges of animal cruelty. However, he did not have a counsel listed in court records who could comment on his behalf.

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