Aqua Zoo Welcomes Otters, Balearic Toads and Wallaby Joey

Aqua Zoo Leeuwarden has welcomed baby births in abundance. Two Asian small-clawed otters, Balearic toads, and one Tammar wallaby were born. This turned out to be one of the best months for the zoo.

The zookeepers are overjoyed at the news of the two cute baby otters. Primarily , because the Asian small-clawed otters have a difficult time surviving in the wild. This is mainly due to deforestation, which has reduced their habitat. Small-clawed otters are hunted for their fur, and also for the purpose of keeping them as pets.

Aqua zoo welcomes baby birth
(Image source: Zooborn)

According to the Zoo caretaker the otters still have not opened their eyes. Therefore, they are not visible to the visitors. “The young otters were born on March 7, but they will not open their eyes until around the fortieth day. The young will then be seen outside their nest fairly quickly. First they stay in the indoor enclosure to get acquainted with the water. If all goes well, the young otters will also explore the outdoor enclosure.”

Another birth news that added to the happiness of the Aqua zoo was Balearic tadpoles. Previously it was assumed that they had become extinct. However since 1979 this species has been protected and bred by various zoos.

The tadpoles can already be seen by the visitors because the hatched eggs have deposited the larvae in the pool. Moreover, the visitors will witness the metamorphosis of the larvae turning into an adult balearic toad.

The third birth that grabbed attention was that of a cute Tammar wallaby. This is one of the smallest species of wallaby that live in the wild in southern Australia. They are also described as ‘jumping cats’.

Aqua zoo welcomes baby birth
(Image source: Zooborn)

They like to shelter under the Tamma bush, so they owe their name Tammar wallaby to this. Another fact about this species is that they tend to live in groups of up to fifty.

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