Abandoned Leopard Cub Will be sent to Gorakhpur Zoo

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A leopard cub was abandoned by its mother. Luckily, the local forest division of Gorakhpur took the cub under their wing. They cared for the cub for nearly a week. The forest division hoped that the leopard cub’s mother would try to find her offspring. However, she did not return. Therefore, the local forest division has decide to place the baby under the care of Gorakhpur Zoo.

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According to the Times of India, several teams had been deployed in the cub’s area. This was done in hope of reuniting the baby with its mother. Cameras did show her enter the area. However, she did not even come close to her infant. It is highly likely the cub came into contact with human beings before this incident. Divisional Forest Officer Rajesh Kumar states this is likely the case.


Furthermore, he notes that cats have a highly cautious trait to back off from their young if there is even a trace of human contact on them. Kumar admitted that villagers had informed him of the leopard first. He says they kept the cub for an hour before telling the authorities. Therefore, the baby had remained in human contact for far too long.

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Leopards are supreme hunters of the wild. They are fast as they are strong. They can swiftly climb up trees. Moreover, their fur allows them to blend with the leaves. Being hunters, they are carnivores which will feast on deer, pigs, and even livestock. They have even been known to attack humans as well.

This big cat is an outstanding swimmer. It is lethal in the water as it is on land. Therefore, it will usually hunt for fish. They are normally nocturnal. Thus, they will usually choose to hunt in the night. What’s more? Leopards are the largest cats which can meow. On the other hand, lions and tigers cannot.

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