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A Study Suggests, Vegan Diet is Healthier for Dogs


Recent research study suggests that vegan diets are healthier for dogs rather than the traditional meat-based diets. However, it has to be nutritionally sufficient for the dogs.

A survey was conducted over 2,500 dogs’ diets. Their health was tracked for a year by their owners. Moreover, the survey also looked at seven general health indicators, such as repeated vet visits and 22 common ailments. According to the survey study, over half of dogs were fed traditional meat-based diets. Therefore, they required non-routine medicine. Whereas, only a third of dogs who were fed vegan diets did require it.

vegan diet is healthier for dogs
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In another study which was published in 2021, it showed that dogs found vegan diets to be just as tasty as traditional dog food. Furthermore, in recent years, the western countries’ excessive meat consumption has had a negative effect on the environment and people’s health. Moreover, now it also adds to the worries about how farm animals are being handled.

A rising number of pet owners are contemplating dietary changes for their animals. Because vegan pet food was worth $9 billion (£6.9 billion) in 2020, and the industry is rapidly expanding. According to the data collected from the above mentioned survey, 17 percent of dogs on conventional diets saw the vet four or more times in a year. However, only 9 percent of dogs on vegan diets and 8 percent of dogs on raw meat diets visited the vet in this period.

Another result of the survey showed that due to the traditional diet 49 percent of dogs suffered from health problems. While the raw meat diet resulted in 43 percent and the vegan diet resulted in 36 percent of dogs suffering from health problems.

In conclusion the study suggests that vegan diets do have a positive effect on the dogs overall health. Therefore the dog owners need to rethink their pets’ diet.

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