A Starling singing a Harry Potter theme stuns the Internet

A TikTok video of bird singing has mesmerized people. Recently, a TikToker Farijuana uploaded a clip of her pet, Zephyr humming the Harry Potter theme. This specific video has gone viral among users.

Farijuana’s account has all the clips about her pet. It is a European Starling named Zephyr. Even in her bio she wrote, 34 year old bird mom. The TikToker found her pet in the parking lot of a deli. She was working there when Starling fell out of his nest. It was just a few days old at that time. Since then she has been uploading different clips about this bird. The owner has not only trained the bird in singing but also speaking.


All the clips on the account show the impressive talent of this little Zephyr. It has become an internet sensation in no time. Farijuana captioned the viral video as, “I love how he even mimics the breath I take in the middle of whistling.” Currently, the clip has reached 12.2 million views and 3 million likes. Moreover, the Harry Potter theme clip is the most viewed so far on her account.

Harry Potter theme
(Image source: TikTok)

Before this viral video, the little bird can be seen perfecting the Addams family theme as well. The owner uses this account to bring forth the talent of her per bird. In another video, the Starling can be heard beatboxing. That also seems quite interesting.

Some people think that this can not be real, but according to the RSPB Wildlife Charity, Starlings do have complex vocalizations. They can easily embed sounds from the surroundings. The sounds can be from an alarm clock or even a human language. ‘Starlings have picked up a lot of human noises…from speech to chainsaws, car alarms and mobile ringtones’, meaning Zephyr’s behavior is not out of the ordinary for his species.

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