A seal is being sent to therapy for his human addiction.

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A seal has been admitted to a rehab facility for an addiction that could be fatal to her health.

Humans are her drug of choice and she is addicted to them.


The seal in issue is an adorable pinniped named Spearmint. She has developed a habit of being extremely friendly with humans in the Plymouth Sound area of Devon.

As a result, she’s been transferred to a rehab facility where she’ll be ‘fit and well’ before being released back into the wild.

Spearmint was initially spotted at Cawsand Bay in Cornwall about seven months ago. She has since become something of a celebrity in the area, frolicking with swimmers and paddleboarders, even grabbing onto them at times and hanging out near a local pub.

While this is all very sweet and adorable, it is not healthy for a wild animal to become overly reliant on people.

After Spearmint’s treatment, the goal is to release her into the wilds of Scotland’s far north.

She’ll be less likely to be enticed by the allure of human interaction there.

Spearmint has been admitted to rehab for the second time, the first time being due to human disturbance.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) is understandably worried for her safety and wants to ensure that she receives the assistance she requires.

Residents in Cornwall even had to construct a barricade beside a road to keep Spearmint off of it.

But it didn’t do her much good; she was able to climb into a boat and eventually cross the road.

Jessica Collins of Cornwall Seal Group and British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) was the one who rescued her. After rescuing her she explained that Spearmint is an endangered species that has gotten too “habituated to humans.”

“Although she needed to be rehabilitated at a young age, her interest in humans intensified once she was released since she was fed regularly by tourists,” she said.

“This poor seal is an illustration of what occurs when humans feed and habituate a wild animal,” Collins concluded.

“It is the animal who suffers.”

Spearmint’s behaviour had been’sadly influenced by humans feeding her in the wild. This caused her to become overfriendly,’ according to a BDMLR representative.

“The essential message throughout has been to give seals room and not feed them,” the BDMLR statement said, “and we hope this goes through beyond Spearmint’s narrative and prevents this from occurring to another seal.”


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