A Bird Turns into a Leaf, OMG!

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April Rose posted a picture on 22nd November, 2021 on Facebook group named, Crap bird photography Facebook group. The image grabbed everyone’s attention. The post has around 6 thousand likes and hundreds of shares. She captioned the image as, “I ran to grab my camera to take a picture of this awesome bird … turned out to be a leaf.” She was amazed with the response on her post. People commented that they also felt the same as Rose when they first saw the picture.

Bird turns into a leaf
(Image source: Facebook)

Rosa shared this incident with the dodo. “I thought it was weird that it had been sitting there so long because I’d noticed it a few times,” Rose told The Dodo. “So I thought, ‘This is my chance.’”


She loves taking pictures of different birds from her camera. Previously she had captured blue herons, woodpeckers, robins and blue jays. This time she thought of it as an opportunity to click another rare bird.

She was sitting in her bedroom when she saw a bird on the branch of a tree. She quickly held her camera and clicked the picture. Later when she looked at the picture and zoomed it, she realized that it was not a bird, but a leaf. “I took the first one, and then I zoomed in a little bit and took the second one and was like, ‘Wait a second. That’s not even a bird,’” Rose said. “After taking the second or the third photo, I was like, ‘It’s a leaf.’”

Later she also revealed that she did not feel disappointed after clicking the picture. She still thought of it as a great click because of its illusion effect. She said, “I thought it was a really cool leaf, so I wasn’t disappointed in any way,” Rose said. “To me, it still looks like a bird.”

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