A Baby Lamb is Born, Gets in a Chatty Mood

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A baby lamb had just arrived in our precious world. The adorable baby became an instant hit on the internet shortly after his birth. You might even say the lamb is a born ‘pet-fluencer.’ Of course, a ‘pet-fluencer’ is just like an ordinary influencer. However, the influencer here is a cute pet. The chatty lamb here is no different!

little baby lamb
(Image Source: YouTube/ViralHog)

According to the Animal Rescue Site, the lamb’s owner told him to say hi on Tiktok. Surprisingly, the lamb caught on quickly by making an adorable bleat. This greeting filled everyone with delight. The lamb either has great instinct or maybe it is a fast learner. Either way, there is no denying the baby’s cuteness.


The baby lamb seems brightly optimistic about his brand new life. Hopefully, he will inspire many others to do the same. In fact, some pictures of the lamb look like certified meme material! Given the lamb’s popularity, it would be no surprise if he became a funny meme overnight.

funny baby lamb
(Image Source: YouTube/ViralHog)

Speaking of memes, another overweight cat made rounds on the internet again. Cinderblock began her weight loss journey a while back. Thankfully, she is showing great progress. Thus, she has shed most of her excess weight. The cat will complete her journey soon.

Pet-fluencers are rising stars on the internet. These pet celebrities even give their human counterparts a run for their money. As a matter of fact, many boast millions of followers one on social media account alone! The pandemic may have given an enormous boost to these pet-fluencers.

Baby lamb
(Image Source: YouTube/ViralHog)

The abundance of free time during the lockdowns only meant one thing. That was more people could spend time on the internet. Likewise, this worked out in their favor. Thus, we continue to have a treasure trove of content that never fails to amuse us. Do you have a favorite pet-fluencer? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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