This Tiny Cat is the World’s Deadliest Kitty!

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This tiny kitty is no ordinary house cat. Sure, it looks like any other cat. However, looks can be deceiving! This is the black footed cat. Moreover, it is a highly successful predator. Therefore, it is the world’s deadliest cat. It has a success rate of 60%. The black footed cat shows no mercy to its prey!

Tiny Kitty
(Image Source: Shutterstock/Erwin Niemand)

The cat is one of the world’s smallest cats. Furthermore, it is Africa’s smallest cat. The little kitty has a cinnamon coat with black stripes. It has black feet as well. Thus, this serves as the cat’s namesake. Additionally, the fur is highly effective camouflage. This is especially useful in the Savannah.

The black footed cat lives near the tip of South Africa. They normally live in grasslands and shrub lands. They need the tree as well as shrub cover for hunting. Furthermore, they are nocturnal creatures. Therefore, they only hunt in the night. These cats are highly secretive. Thus, not much is known about their lifestyle. Animalia reports this.

The black footed cat is an ambush predator. Therefore, it attacks its prey at the right opportunity. In addition, the cat chooses to ride solo. It hunts alone in other words. They only get together during mating season. Only the mother lives with her dependent offspring.

Angry kitty
(Image Source: Shutterstock/slowmotiongli)

The cat is a carnivore. Mice, small lizards and even birds are some of its favorite foods. Moving on, they hardly need to drink any water. This is because they obtain their ‘water’ from the bodily fluids of their prey. They are called ‘vampire cats’ due to this.

The IUCN lists the black footed cat as ‘vulnerable.’ Around 10,000 of them exist in the wild. Unfortunately, their population is decreasing. Human activity along with habitat loss are the main culprits. These are the largest contributors to their declining numbers. Global organizations must work hard to save this fascinating feline. Therefore, this will allow us to learn more about it. We’re sure you were deceived by the cat’s looks as well!