Eldest Chimpanzee Passes Away at Edinburgh Zoo, Aged 46

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Edinburgh Zoo’s eldest chimpanzee has passed away. The primate was 46 years old. Therefore, he was the oldest of his troop. David was the chimpanzee’s name. The zoo staff as well as many visitors have mourned David’s passing. He was born in 1975. Likewise, the chimpanzee was loved by everyone.  

Chimpanzee Edinburgh Zoo
(Image Source: Facebook/Edinburgh Zoo)

David was a familiar face at the zoo. He had lived a long, happy life. Therefore, his life was eventful. The troop must have felt lonely after the tragic event. Nevertheless, David raised six baby chimps in his life. This included Kilmi. He stays at the Budongo Trail. The zoo’s official press release stated this.

The aging primate was the leader of his troop. Troop is the collective noun for chimpanzees. David’s health had worsened over time. He had been placed in the care of the vets. Moreover, the chimpanzee’s health was not improving. Thus, the vets had to make a tough decision. They decided to euthanize David. He was already facing many problems. Furthermore, these were all age-related. The zoo explained this was in the best interest of his well-being. Edinburgh Live reported this.

David Edinburgh Zoo
(Image Source: Facebook/Edinburgh Zoo)

David was one of the oldest animals at the zoo. He had one of the brightest personalities ever seen. Additionally, he had been retired as his troop’s leader. Moreover, the zoo shared the tragic news on Twitter. Everyone remembered the chimpanzee in their prayers. David will be greatly missed.

The Budongo Trail is one of the world’s most interesting chimpanzee enclosures. It conforms to an excellent standard of care. Moreover, the enclosure even has private spaces for the primates. Thus, this allows them to stay out of public sight anytime.

Edinburgh Zoo monkey
(Image Source: Facebook/Edinburgh Zoo)

Furthermore, the chimpanzees play a vital role. They are one of the zoo’s ambassadors. Therefore, they raise awareness for their species. Wildlife conservation is a primary goal of the Edinburgh zoo. Our condolences are with all those affected by the tragedy.

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