Nepali Hindus Celebrate Man’s Best Friend

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Nepali Hindus celebrate man’s best friend on this special religious occasion. This is a five-day long event which honors dogs. Kukur Tihar is the festival’s name. However, the festival is for other animals as well. Ultimately, devotees worship Yamaraj on the event. He is the Hindu god of death. Therefore, it is sacred to worship dogs on this occasion.

Nepali Dog Festival
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The animals are afforded the highest level of respect. This happens throughout the colorful event. Even so, kindness to animals is a fundamental to Hindu faith. As a matter of fact, the religion expects its follower to deeply care for them. Therefore, the gratitude extends beyond the event. Special baths are given to the puppies. Therefore, devout Hindus show their sincerest gratitude to animals, especially dogs. The Strait Times reports this.

Nepal is a landlocked country in South Asia. Moreover, it lies behind the Southern Himalayas. The country is located between India and China. Kathmandu is the Nepali capital. Another fun fact to add to your general knowledge! Furthermore, the country arguably has the most difficult terrain in the world. The country is open to the public 1951. It was in isolation before that time period. The country runs on a multi-party system after the monarchy. Many folk have a simple lifestyle there. Perhaps, this brings them close to Mother Nature.

The Nepalis thank their trusty canine companions for their loyalty over the years. Crows and ravens are fed on rooftops on the first day. Then, dogs are thanked. This is on the second day of the festival. Furthermore, cows are worship for prosperity on the third day. After that, oxen are shown gratitude. This happens on the fourth day. Finally, the fifth day is for the people. Euro News states this.

Nepali puppies
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The dogs are always happy to receive love. Likewise, they will return their owners’ love. Thus, they will multiply it many times more. The celebrations are also accompanied by many other social events. These include competitions, prize ceremonies, etc. We think this is one of mankind’s most wholesome events, what about you? No matter how much we thank dogs, it is never enough.

The Nepalis treat their pups really well, if you ask us! The lifestyle in the mountainous country is modest. However, the hearts of its people are as vast as the Himalayas. We would certainly want to drop by in this magical land. Are you up for a trek across the mountains?

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