Elephants Participate In ‘Squishing of the Squash’ At Oregon Zoo

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‘Squishing of the squash’ is an old festive tradition at Oregon Zoo. The event dates back many years. The elephants crush pumpkins during this event. This event is done as ‘prelude’ to Halloween. Thus, it is held in October.

Squishing of the Squash
(Image Source: Screenshot/YouTube)

Sadly, the event was not available for public viewing. This was due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, the event took place amid social distancing. It was remarkable for the zoo to keep the tradition alive. Of course, this was regardless of the odds. 

Dimas Dominguez states that everything has changed due to COVID-19. However, the elephants don’t seem to mind. Dimas says the elephants demolished many pumpkins. They even crushed one massive 650 pound pumpkin! Fox 6 Milwaukee states this.

Pumpkin squishing
(Image Source: Screenshot/YouTube)

Furthermore, Dimas says the elephants enjoy the pumpkins after crushing them. Looks like the elephants had quite a day destroying those pumpkins! Dimas Dominguez is a senior zoo keeper at the Oregon Zoo. 

This festive tradition goes way back to 1999. It all began when the elephants received a huge 828 pound pumpkin. Furthermore, Hoffman’s Dairy Garden provided the pumpkin. The zoo stated many farmers donated surplus pumpkins to the zoo. Therefore, they did not need those extras. Thus began Oregon Zoo’s ‘Squishing of the Squash’. The official press release states this.

Pumpkin squishing of the squash
(Image Source: Screenshot/YouTube)

Moreover, Larry Nelson and Jacob Baldridge donated this year’s pumpkins. They belong to the Pacific Giant Vegetable Growers Club. The zoo is grateful for their donation. However, foodies might think the pumpkins would be better off eaten instead. Of course, in the traditional way rather than smashing them!

Elephants squishing pumpkins.
(Image Source: Screenshot/YouTube)

Smashing pumpkins is not the only part of the festivities. Children are welcome to attend the ‘Howloween’ celebrations. Additionally, they are encouraged to show off their costumes. Moreover, they will also learn more about this exciting event. Therefore, this will increase their knowledge of this tradition. Moreover, it will also instill their love for animals as well.

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